aamath for windows

Here you can download a compiled version of aamath. aamath is a small command line proggi, which renders mathematical expressions into ASCII art suitable for e.g. emails or simple texts. It was written by Mauro Persano.

Download aamath 0.2 for windows


Input:e^x = 1 + x + x^2/2! + x^3/3! + x^4/4! + ... = 1 + sum(x^n/n!, n = 1 .. inf)

              2    3    4             =====  n
 x           x    x    x              \     x
e  = 1 + x + -- + -- + -- + ... = 1 +  >    --
             2!   3!   4!             /     n!
                                      n = 1

More examples can be found here.

I would advice against using

I would advice against using setTimeout() in any situation because it in iewin 4-6 versions and in nn<5 has memory leaks. I do not know 640-721 whether Mozilla also have those leaks, but iewin is enough for me to avoid it. Mozilla on the other hand has other problems with setTimeout, such as that it locks until an even happens and vice versa depending on what was initiated first.You haven't offered any good criticism of the article, all you have said 640-816 is "setTimeout is better to do that with" even though the two functions are vastly different (as explained in the article). Its almost as if you didn't read the article other 642-145 than the first part of it. Do you have some criticism of the actual code? Do you have a setTimeout function to show that is better? or that does the same thing?