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ID Task Type Severity Summary Date Opened Status Progress
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49 Support Request Medium class javabean for browser.jsp 2015-08-11 Unconfirmed 0% complete
24 Feature Request Very Low remote server access 2006-04-12 Unconfirmed 0% complete
25 Support Request Very Low How to restrict file access with black list 2006-07-7 Waiting on Customer 100% complete
26 Support Request Very Low launch commands 2006-08-6 Unconfirmed 0% complete
36 Feature Request Very Low Deploying with an archive 2007-07-14 Unconfirmed 0% complete
37 Support Request Very Low Set starting directory 2007-08-1 Waiting on Customer 0% complete
40 Bug Report Very Low FOR TEST 2007-10-2 Unconfirmed 0% complete
48 Support Request Very Low file date and size difference 2015-05-27 Unconfirmed 0% complete