Jsp File Browser

An easy to use and easy to install file browser java server page. This JSP program allows remote web-based file access and manipulation.
Main Screen (Dir viewer) with preview of directory 1.
  • Free to use and modify under the terms of the GPL license
  • Create, copy, move, rename and delete files and directories
  • Shortkeys
  • View Files (pictures, movies, pdf, html,...)
  • Javascript filename filter
  • Edit textfiles
  • Upload files to the server (Status via Upload monitor)
  • Download files from the server
  • Download groups of files and folders as a single zip file that is created on the fly
  • Execute native commands on the server (e.g ls, tar, chmod,...)
  • View entries and unpack zip, jar, war and gz files on the server
  • Just one file, very easy to install (in fact, just copy it to the server)
  • Customizable layout via css file
  • Restrict file access via black or whitelist
  • Changeable to a read-only (with or without upload) solution
  • ...

Jsp file browser should work on any JSP1.1 compatible server (e.g. Tomcat>=3.0), I have tested it on Tomcat 4.0 and 5.5, Resin 2.1.7 and Jetty.
If you found any bugs or have a feature request, please use the bug tracking system, or write me an email.
I will also add common questions here.
If you want to get informed about new releases, please enter the Mailinglist (only for new release announces, no discussion). Write a mail with empty body to jspfilebrowser-subscribe@vonloesch.de.
Please submit bugs here.

Download version 1.2
Bug tracking and Feature requests


Changes in version 1.2 (22.07.2006)
  • Shortkeys
  • Filter file table
  • Fix a bug which appears with Tomcat
  • Add parameter to turn jsp filebrowser to a read-only version
  • Add parameter to disallow uploads (even in the read-only version)
  • Nicer layout
  • Javascript will now be cached by the browser therefore smaller page size
  • Turned off directory preview by default, because it uses too much resources
Changes in version 1.1a (27.08.2004)
  • killed a bug, which appears if you view or download files
  • fix upload time display
Changes in version 1.1 (20.08.2004)
  • Upload monitor
  • Restrict file access (black or whitelist)
Changes in version 1.0 (13.04.2004)
  • if you click two times on a table header, it will be sorted descending
  • sort parameter is memorized
  • bugfixes (14,11,15)
  • added some mime types
Changes in version 1.0RC2 (02.02.2004)
  • only bugfixes (3,4,6,9)
Changes in version 1.0RC1 (17.11.2003)
Thanks to David Cowan for code contribution (buffering), bug fixing and testing
  • execute native shell commands
  • quick change to lower directories paths
  • solve homepath problem with Oracle oc4j
  • remove two bugs in the upload routine
  • add war file unpack and view support
  • remove some html errors (page is now valid HTML 4.1 Transitional)
  • add buffering for download of files and zip file creation, this increases the speed
Changes in version 0.6 (14.10.2003)
Thanks to David Levine for bug fixes
  • Refactor parts of the code
  • Viewing and unpacking of .zip, .jar and .gz files on the server
  • Customizable layout via external css file (optional)
  • Distinction between error and success messages
  • Open File in a new window
  • "Select all" checkbox
  • More Options
  • Some small changes and Bugfixes
Changes in version 0.5 (20.08.2003)
Greetings to Taylor Bastien who contributed a lot of code for this release
  • Renaming of files
  • File extension in an extra column
  • variable filesize unit (bytes, KB or MB)
  • Directory preview via tooltip (simple hold the mousecursor over a directory name and a tooltip with the first ten entries will appear)
  • Summary (number and size of all files in the current directory)
  • Text editor can save files with dos/windows or unix line ending
  • many small changes
Changes in version 0.4
  • It does not longer need a temporary directory !
  • Jsp 1.1 compatible (works now also in Tomcat 3)
  • The file editor can now save the edited file with a new name and can make a backup
  • selected row is marked by color and the checkbox can be selected by click at any place in the row (works only with Javascript)
  • some new MIME types (xml, png, svg)
  • unreadable files and directories are marked (not selectable)
  • write protected files and directories are marked (italic)
  • if no dir parameter is assigned, the home directory of the browser will be displayed
  • some bugs killed
Changes in version 0.3
  • Output is HTML 4.01 conform, should now be Netscape>4 compatible
  • Messages to indicate the status of an operation
  • Many bugs killed
  • Tooltips