TeXlipse update 1.2.0

Finally after over one year of silence we have released TeXlipse v. 1.2.0, a LaTeX editor plugin for Eclipse.

Actually to some extend this release is owed to Windows Vista, because the previous one was incompatible. So we need to hurry a little bit to release a fresh version.
This is mainly a bug fix release, which corrects over 30 bugs and should therefore be quite stable. Along came some new and funky features, at the head the usage of Open Declaration (F3) as you know it from the Java editor. You can use it to jump to a defining label from a reference, to the definition of a custom command, to the associated BibTeX entry, and open the file that is included by \input or \include.
Also the other features are very useful in every-day-editing-life. For a more complete list take a look at the New and Noteworthy.

Ebay with Ruby and Ruby on Rails

Currently I am writing a small RoR application which uses eBay. There are at least two different approaches to use the eBay developer api in Ruby:

Sadly both projects are not updated regulary to the latest ebay api version, but they use ebay's wsdl (resp. xsd) description of the web service.

I've first tried Ebay XML Api which works quite well besides a minor flaw with the money class (there is already a bug report and a patch). I have tried to update the library with the build-in rake task to the latest ebay version, but it fails (and I have no idea how to fix it).


Talking about long release cycles...
After quite a long time I have taken a look at the old DSchess source and wrapped it into a new version. I've also added some new feature, like sound effects which I recorded with the Nintendo DS by using NitroTracker, an excellent peace of homebrew for the DS.

22.07.06 - Jsp file browser 1.2

A long time has passed by since the last update of the jsp file browser, but now the day has come: Version 1.2. There are some new cool features (like shortkeys and a read only version) and also some bugs are fixed. Besides that, the new version should also work a bit faster.

Maybe I will make a major rewrite for 2.0 and use lot of javascript and Ajax stuff (I like that), but time will tell. Of course I will continue to fix bugs for the "old" release.


Finally Oskar, Torarne and I released TeXlipse 1.1.0. It's a LaTeX editor plugin for Eclipse which is stable and provides a huge amount of features. I would encourage everyone who uses LaTeX to edit his files with TeXlipse.


A fresh version of DSChess released with many bugfixes and improvements. To help me improving DSChess further, please use the poll on the DSChess site and leave some comments.


Since the last news I put some things on the page. First of all DSChess a chess game for the Nintendo DS. But beware, you can only run it with special hardware on your DS.
There are also some new things under Mathematics and Javascript.


I have written a javascript autocomplete text field, which I maybe use in the next release of Jsp file browser. You can find the code in the new Javascript section. From time to time I will add more snippets.


I think nowdays everyone who wants a gmail account already has one. But if you are one of the unlucky guys who thirsts for a cool shiny GMail account, just drop me a line.


As some of you surely have noticed, I have changed the layout of the page. I am using a CMS called Drupal. It is working very well, and it is easy to use, I Hope you like the new layout.
Because I am currently working very intensiv on my diploma thesis (about automatic differentiation), I have not much time to work on other projects.

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