TeXlipse update 1.2.0

Finally after over one year of silence we have released TeXlipse v. 1.2.0, a LaTeX editor plugin for Eclipse.

Actually to some extend this release is owed to Windows Vista, because the previous one was incompatible. So we need to hurry a little bit to release a fresh version.
This is mainly a bug fix release, which corrects over 30 bugs and should therefore be quite stable. Along came some new and funky features, at the head the usage of Open Declaration (F3) as you know it from the Java editor. You can use it to jump to a defining label from a reference, to the definition of a custom command, to the associated BibTeX entry, and open the file that is included by \input or \include.
Also the other features are very useful in every-day-editing-life. For a more complete list take a look at the New and Noteworthy.

Some people are whining, that you have to install the big Eclipse package just to use this great LaTeX editor. What most people doesn't know, it is enough to download -instead of the SDK- just the smallest of all Eclipse packages, The Eclipse platform runtime binary, which size is "only" around 40MB (Eclipse 3.3.1). But beware, it could be a little bit hard to find this version because it is rather hidden on the Eclipse page (Hint: Check this page out).
If you like you can later add more features to this version via the update manager, I would recommend to install the cvs client (around 1.5MB) (of course only if you use cvs...).

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Does the texplise support multilanguage?

For example, Chinese, I use the software every day. But there is something wrong when I type a chinese word. Does the texplise support multilanguage? I think this is an important feature. Thank you!